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low voltage and not starting

February 3, 2021

about 2-3 years ago in the winter i had my truck not start one morning. got it boosted and away i went. this happened a few times even with the truck plugged in so i replaced both batteries. i have a 6.7ltr diesel 2500 dodge ram. this seemed to solve the problem but once in awhile it would throw the low voltage code when starting. summer it was fine but winter it would do it even plugged in. this year it happens everyday. i have had to boost my truck almost every morning so i finally took it to Ram Tuff and they fixed it right up. they found 2 connections that were no good and fixed them. now -33 and it fired right up. best $64 bucks i ever spent. would defiantly recommend this shop for all your diesel repairs.

Michael Bast


January 4, 2019

They have done the best repair job that i have seen and are really honest.


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